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Just thinking..
Just thinking..

Hi All

Harley had his third chemo this past Monday and this time I think it has caught up to him. The previous two did not seem to bring him down at all, appetite was there ,ready to go for a walk . This time sick at least three times after he came home , no appetite just wants to sleep. He lacks his usual excitement when the garage door opens to ” sneak ” outside ( he feels like he’s getting away with something 😄). He is still bright eyed , ready to be brushed just doesn’t want to move much at all.  I’m hoping it will pass after this week I really don’t want to give him anymore drugs. They are offering nausea meds if necessary .

Important ! Everyone should know

Hi Everyone

I have some information to share with this community that is very unsettling . It has happened to me for which I am angry and sad that someone would take advantage of people who just want to help their pets.

When I was told Harley had cancer I right away went on line to get more informed . One day I googled cancer diet, what came up was a site called Advanced Canine Gentic Testing it was a clinical trial. It looked and sounded professional . I sent the email describing what Harley had that the vet had given him 12 to 15  months conservatively ,thinking as I was about how awful I had heard chemo was I wanted not only to extend his life but give  him quality of life. The message came back stating that unfortunately Harley would only live 3 months because by the time we had to remove his leg the cancer was already moving in his body , with this treatment the ” Professor” ( and he is a professor) stated he believed he could help Harley live his natural life. This is where my heart took over my head and against the advise of my vet I went ahead. I can state that at this point it has only cost me money . Even though I was moving forward I continued to research it and then just before we went full throttle on it I found the scam.

I found a debunker called the SkeptVet . This same person had been pushing these drugs under the name of Tumexal and was warned by the FDA to stop illegal marketing of a unproven cancer drug. The Skeptvet warns of this drug with a “secret ingredient ” that has been discovered by a ” lone genius” and offered to the public out of altruism There is absolutely no scientific data to support this which makes it worthless.

The Fda has authority to require veterinary medicine to be proven just like human medicine. The Skeptvet states that the fact the FDA has taken this action illustrates how irresponsible and dangerous the behavior of this company has been in selling snake oil as if it were real medicine for pets with cancer. The advance canine gentic company is now calling this medicine Naturasone and Rason. I am upset with myself to have been so gullible but the one good thing is I stopped before I hurt my dog. I am currently trying to get my money back but he is threatening to sue me.I am far more concerned that no one else falls into his trap and am trying to do all I can to get the word out.

It is so sad that someone would go to this extent to make money off people’s hopes. I don’t know if I can legally state this ” Professors ” name on this forum so I won’t .

Lots of Love to this pet community.

Harley’s adventure continued

Hello all

I left it yesterday with Harley two chemo trips under his belt. Harley is a great mix of a Lab and Akita so laid back which has helped his mom through this . He is also a big boy 113 before we started . We have had to always watch his weight because of his knee replacement but going down to one has made it dire to get his weight down. He is currently 98 pounds the vet wants him lower ( I don’t know we will see) so we have had to make his meals really count . He is on a prescribed diet of science diet to which we add boiled chicken, egg and sometimes carrots two times a day. With what it takes to learn to walk on three legs excersise , it’s doing well.

On Jan 23 it will be two months since his surgery. He has made so much progress and he feels good , he rolls on his back for tummy tickles , he runs ( yes runs) to meet his dad when he comes home. I believe it to be true that the pain before the amputation ( if you have any doubts) is so much worse than having three legs it seems to us that the progress is miraculous but to them maybe it just means  getting back to being themselves without hurting.

Harley still loses his balance sometimes and is still struggling with stairs. I can see the annoyance on his face when he struggles , he doesn’t always want help to make it up those stairs but we plug away anyway. Harley’s third chemo session is Jan. 25th  we go every three weeks. We have been lucky so far after his first trip we had to go for blood test each week up until his next chemo . His white count has been a bit on the low side but still within normal range and he hasn’t been sick. He has been tired but that could because he doesn’t like staying at the vets works himself up a bit. There will be a total of 5 chemo trips . I hope writing about Harley’s adventures can help lessen the doubt and any grief you may feel for your dog going through this .

Big hugs to all of you and your best friends❤️

Harley’s mom

My tripawd Harley

I wanted to share our story to help just like the tripawd site helped us to understand that three legs is not the end of the world.

Harley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in one of his back legs November 13 of this year. I just never expected it. Harley was 2 years old when he blew out both of his knees basically the same as a athlete tearing his acls. We had both knees replaced . His recovery was great and I thought we were good. Seven years later it wasn’t the knees giving out it was cancer. I was never going to be that pet parent that put their animal threw pain and chemo just to keep him around ,I would do the right thing and let him go for his sake. Bone cancer I was told is the most deep and painful of the cancers. Looking at Harley he was so alert and happy even limping in pain, he is such a stoic dog. I started doing research , found tripawd’s site ,talked to my vet I couldn’t let go yet. Harley’s cancer tested low grade or grade 1 ,the best it could be for cancer and his liver test were normal a good sign.

So we made the decision and he had his surgery on November 23 . He was home two days later and I would have to say it was way worse on me than him. He was drugged to the hilt and I was racked with guilt. Two to three days after surgery they are still under the influence of the drug fentanyl . As good as my vet was they did not prepare me for how he would act or look .The best thing you can do for your animal is ask questions especially about how they will act and how it will look.  He was dazed , his belly was very bruised and I was struggling with trying to interpet what he wanted. On the Friday after his Monday surgery I was sure he was in pain and rushed him to the emergency vet all the time thinking I did the wrong thing it was time to let him go.  Long story short I think I was projecting my guilt the vet checked him out and he was fine . He was alert and his stitches were in good shape I needed to relax and give him time.  We had made this decision now I needed to clam down keep him comfortable and quiet. I don’t know if you can be totally prepared for this but if you go in knowing it won’t be easy in the beginning ,you might struggle with second thoughts but it does get better everyday . This is how our story begins and I hope to share more with you soon.

Harley’s mom

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