My tripawd Harley

I wanted to share our story to help just like the tripawd site helped us to understand that three legs is not the end of the world.

Harley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in one of his back legs November 13 of this year. I just never expected it. Harley was 2 years old when he blew out both of his knees basically the same as a athlete tearing his acls. We had both knees replaced . His recovery was great and I thought we were good. Seven years later it wasn’t the knees giving out it was cancer. I was never going to be that pet parent that put their animal threw pain and chemo just to keep him around ,I would do the right thing and let him go for his sake. Bone cancer I was told is the most deep and painful of the cancers. Looking at Harley he was so alert and happy even limping in pain, he is such a stoic dog. I started doing research , found tripawd’s site ,talked to my vet I couldn’t let go yet. Harley’s cancer tested low grade or grade 1 ,the best it could be for cancer and his liver test were normal a good sign.

So we made the decision and he had his surgery on November 23 . He was home two days later and I would have to say it was way worse on me than him. He was drugged to the hilt and I was racked with guilt. Two to three days after surgery they are still under the influence of the drug fentanyl . As good as my vet was they did not prepare me for how he would act or look .The best thing you can do for your animal is ask questions especially about how they will act and how it will look.  He was dazed , his belly was very bruised and I was struggling with trying to interpet what he wanted. On the Friday after his Monday surgery I was sure he was in pain and rushed him to the emergency vet all the time thinking I did the wrong thing it was time to let him go.  Long story short I think I was projecting my guilt the vet checked him out and he was fine . He was alert and his stitches were in good shape I needed to relax and give him time.  We had made this decision now I needed to clam down keep him comfortable and quiet. I don’t know if you can be totally prepared for this but if you go in knowing it won’t be easy in the beginning ,you might struggle with second thoughts but it does get better everyday . This is how our story begins and I hope to share more with you soon.

Harley’s mom

2 thoughts on “My tripawd Harley”

  1. Thanks for sharing your insight and all the emotions involved on this crazy journey! I know it will help.others, especially our kitty family members!

    And you are spot on about our energy being reflected onto our dogs and cats. As hard as it is, we must remain calm, confident and positive. You did a great job of adjusting into that empowering state.

    So glad Harley is doing well!

    Love to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Holy cow! I just indirectly called Harley a cat!! Please forgive me DOG HARLEY!!

    Before my brain went on vacation, I was trying to say how much sharing Harley’s story would help dogs facing this journey with “potentially” knee issues in the remaining legs! Clearly havi g his knees replaced years earlier was not an issue!!

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