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I have some information to share with this community that is very unsettling . It has happened to me for which I am angry and sad that someone would take advantage of people who just want to help their pets.

When I was told Harley had cancer I right away went on line to get more informed . One day I googled cancer diet, what came up was a site called Advanced Canine Gentic Testing it was a clinical trial. It looked and sounded professional . I sent the email describing what Harley had that the vet had given him 12 to 15 ¬†months conservatively ,thinking as I was about how awful I had heard chemo was I wanted not only to extend his life but give ¬†him quality of life. The message came back stating that unfortunately Harley would only live 3 months because by the time we had to remove his leg the cancer was already moving in his body , with this treatment the ” Professor” ( and he is a professor) stated he believed he could help Harley live his natural life. This is where my heart took over my head and against the advise of my vet I went ahead. I can state that at this point it has only cost me money . Even though I was moving forward I continued to research it and then just before we went full throttle on it I found the scam.

I found a debunker called the SkeptVet . This same person had been pushing these drugs under the name of Tumexal and was warned by the FDA to stop illegal marketing of a unproven cancer drug. The Skeptvet warns of this drug with a “secret ingredient ” that has been discovered by a ” lone genius” and offered to the public out of altruism There is absolutely no scientific data to support this which makes it worthless.

The Fda has authority to require veterinary medicine to be proven just like human medicine. The Skeptvet states that the fact the FDA has taken this action illustrates how irresponsible and dangerous the behavior of this company has been in selling snake oil as if it were real medicine for pets with cancer. The advance canine gentic company is now calling this medicine Naturasone and Rason. I am upset with myself to have been so gullible but the one good thing is I stopped before I hurt my dog. I am currently trying to get my money back but he is threatening to sue me.I am far more concerned that no one else falls into his trap and am trying to do all I can to get the word out.

It is so sad that someone would go to this extent to make money off people’s hopes. I don’t know if I can legally state this ” Professors ” name on this forum so I won’t .

Lots of Love to this pet community.

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  1. Wooooaaaah we are SO glad you didn’t totally hand over your wallet and savings. Please don’t feel badly, you aren’t the only one, even in our community alone. We are so sorry this happened to you.

    While we don’t always agree with everything SkeptiVet has to say, it is true that the ‘professor’ he wrote about has been trying to sell those “cancer cures” of his all over the internet for several years now. It was first brought to our attention here:

    “Has anyone tried Tumexal in bone cancer treatment”

    As you’ll read, we received this angry response from the ‘professor’:

    So….I will definitely put your post in that discussion to make sure people know what your experience was.

    We are here to share information in the blogs and in the Forums so anytime you have a question or concern, we’ll do our best to share our own experiences to help however we can. Thanks for taking time to tell us what happened, you’ve saved others from the same heartache.


  2. So sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please share any links or proof you have about any connections between Tumexal and Naturasone?

    Thank you!

  3. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this!! And Jerry, thanks for giving some more background on this!

    You, like all of us here, want to do anything and everything possible for the wellbeing of our pets! To be presented with “hope” that can sound so legitimate is something we probably all would check into.

    Thank you again, as Jerry said, do
    for saving others from the heartache AND depletion of unds that could be used for more effective treatments.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. I just now had a chance to thoroughly go back and read all the links and all the dialogue among the members, vet feedback, etc.

    My heart broke for Kim as she frantically searched for help for her Stein. The outreach from the community was heartwarming.

    Rene, I have to draw the distinction between you and Kim’s vet. You brought comfort to Kim by gently and lovingly guiding her to a “treatment” in tne form of staying in the here and now and enjoying the bliss of being together with Stein. Her vet, although her letter was very knowledgeable and heartfelt, was a little too harsh about Stein “dying” and a bit condescending when speaking about “chat rooms”, etc.

    Anyway…thanks again Patricia and Jerry. Very, very interesting

  5. Thank you for this cautionary tale. I know we all hope for a miracle and its easy to get drawn in. I just googled this character and found his background does not give me comfort.

    My cat got cancer from a vaccine injection produced by Merck Animal Health Products. Now I research all medications (pharma and holistic) before giving any to her. And then I spend a long time checking out my product sources. The challenge for any meds or herbs for pets is that there is a lack of or limited testing so we don’t really know the effectiveness or risks. But we do the best we can with the info we have.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about Harley the dog. (There’s a new member also named Harley but is a biker cat)

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  6. I just found out that my German Shepherd has leukemia. He is young and still active and of course we immediately started searching for treatments and read about Naturasone. We got so excited and talked to the “Dr.” yesterday and was waiting to receive the forms to fill out today. I am glad to have found your site and read the comments. It all sounds so good. I work with cancer patients some in my business and I know that recently there has been this new treatment to turn on the body’s own immunity response to fight off cancer cells. I thought it was great that they are trying it in animals as well. I guess no one has heard of any evidence that this is legitimate??? I am so hopeful that there is something, but I also am realistic. I welcome any comments.

    1. Hello Martie

      I am so very sorry to hear about your buddy. I would tell you that this Dr has his own agenda and I do not believe he is in it for anyone’s pet it is just a means to a end. I wanted to believe too for my wonderful dog but there just isn’t any proof of what he says.
      I am sorry.

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