Just thinking ..

Just thinking..
Just thinking..

Hi All

Harley had his third chemo this past Monday and this time I think it has caught up to him. The previous two did not seem to bring him down at all, appetite was there ,ready to go for a walk . This time sick at least three times after he came home , no appetite just wants to sleep. He lacks his usual excitement when the garage door opens to ” sneak ” outside ( he feels like he’s getting away with something 😄). He is still bright eyed , ready to be brushed just doesn’t want to move much at all.  I’m hoping it will pass after this week I really don’t want to give him anymore drugs. They are offering nausea meds if necessary .

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  1. Hey guys. Hope he’s feeling better today. Ask your vet for Cerenia or if it’s really bad, a shot of Odanesteron, which will alleviate his upset stomach. Try not to think of drugs as a bad thing right now, they will help tremendously.

    Hop over to the Forums if you want fast help OK? Lots of folks waiting to lean on. Hugs to you both.

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